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Smart Counters

Model: VND-CM

Latest generation bi-directional smart counter with machine learning algorithm hybrid sensor and communication to the cloud in real time.

3G and 4G

Remote Firmware Update

Anti-vandalism alert system

Easy installation

Real-time reporting

Smart ticketing

Model: VND-VL

Intelligent rate control device, with the latest generation NFC / QR / BR / BLE technology that allows it to be integrated into the cloud’s Smart Bus Payment system.

QR and BR reader

Internal storage (3 years of daily records)

Removable SD storage

Ble 4.0


Vinden Airpay

Remote Firmware Update

Transit priority system (TPS)

Model: VND-TP

Bus transit priority system with adaptive cloud-based real-time control, compatible with NEMA, Type 170 and Type 2070 traffic light controllers.

3G and 4G

5 miles transmission range

900MHz frequency

256-bit AES CBC encryption

Up to 16 GPIO (General porpouse inputs outputs)

4 Gb memory


Model: S3G-2480/SL3G-1645

Intelligent tracking hub with Expanded Interoperability for Fleet Automation.
Integrate from Digital Communications Technologies

Technology: 3G/2G (GSM/GPRS/SMS)

Water Resistant: Yes (IP65 enclosure)

Backup Battery: 250mAh

Max Backup Battery Duration: 2.5 Hrs

Storage: 30,000 events

Accelerometer: 3-Axis Internal Digital ±16G

Interface: RS232, 1-Wire, I/Os, JSON/APIs (OTA)

Audio: No

IoT Ready: Yes – (JSON/APIs OTA interconnectivity support)

Video surveillance

Heavy-duty MDVR specialized for transportation, with real-time connection to the cloud.

3G and 4G

Storage (Up to 2 Terabytes of space)

WiFi connection

Integrated GPS

Modular design for easy maintenance

Record video in Full HD 1080p

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We develope our own software

Enterprise resource planning

Cloud-based platform that allows business owners to control their operation in an innovative way and increase their income.


Central Monitoring

Order of the day

Information manager


Devices control


Access Security

Passenger control

Fuel control

Incident control

Double blind clearance

Government resource planning

Cloud-based platform that enables governments and public transport operators to manage information
of city routes, digitize and organize their concessions and obtain mobility studies in real time through the integration of latest-generation analytics and the exploitation of BigData.

Public transport information management

Transport operation monitoring center

Subsidy control system

Intelligent traffic lights

Urban mobility simulation studies

Intelligent video surveillance network and georeferenced security

Smart Bus Payment

Cloud-base collection solution that allows to manage in real time recharges, credits, conciliations and payments through a mobile APP with Vinden AirPay and NFC technology

POS credit purchase

Credit Purchase in convenience stores (QR)

Recharge from the app

Purchase of credit in vending machines

Payment with Vinden AirPay (from smartphones)

Payment by NFC

Open data GTFS

Mobile App

Native multiplatform public transport mobile application that allows the final user to know the best route, real-time locations and payment of the transport service.

Improved service for users
We help users with an informative mobile application about routes, arrival times and bus locations so that they are not waiting uncertainly when their bus will pass.
Available in Appstore and Google play

Smart ID

Smart cloud-based software that allows physical credentials to be issued with NFC and digital technology to a mobile application for reading QR codes, to control preferential rates.

Statistical reports

Configuration of the issuance process

Supplies control

Public transport users records

Security Keys

Card scanning through the mbile APP and QR technology

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